Lodging Accommodations

We know that it can be hard for your pet to be away from home and their families so we do everything that we can to make it feel as much like home as possible. We offer multiple sized enclosures ranging from a spacious 3X6 ft. suite to a cozier 2.5X2.5 ft. loft.

We have natural lighting, smell resistant flooring and sound dampening to try and increase the feeling of comfort during their stay.

You can also upgrade to a comfy cot in our dog run enclosures to help make your pet’s experience more relaxing.

One of our best qualities that makes us unique from other veterinary boarding facilities within city limits is our large play yard that we provide for our guests. Timber Ridge lodging offers on and off leash group or individual playtimes and walks during your pet’s stay.

Timber Ridge Animal Medical Center offers our lodge and play care experiences as a benefit and convenience for our established clients and patients so you will find that our accommodation pricing is very reasonable.

Spaces are limited, especially around the holidays, so please call about any inquiries and/or booking today. See our Lodge and Paw Spa page for Boarding Requirements.